Option 1 – project management workshop

Available as either a full-day, in-depth session or half-day highlights, the workshops are designed to give delegates an insight as to how best to manage any project but with an emphasis on financial year-end reporting and annual reports. They cover all aspects of the process including:

  • What is project management?
  • Planning and organisation
  • What makes a project successful?
  • Timetabling and time management
  • Expectation management

The workshops are designed for groups of up to 10 people and to be run at your premises.  Workshops for larger groups can be arranged, with rates subject to negotiation.

£1,500+VAT per half day

£2,250+VAT per full day

For further information see Workshops


Option 2 – project management workshop and technical support

The workshops outlined in Option 1 are expanded

  • The full day workshop includes an overview of any changes to current best practice or legislation and how other companies are approaching the changes.
  • Both workshops also look at developments in on-line reporting including XBRL and iXBRL.

Following the workshop

  • For a period of six months, advice and support are available via email and telephone. The level of support can be negotiated but rates as quoted assume up to five hours phone support per month and up to 15 emails per week.


£6,500+VAT for the first six months and half-day course

£7,250+VAT for the first six months and full-day course


Option 3 – bespoke project management

This full service package includes

  • An audit of current processes
  • A written report highlighting potential cost savings, time-management savings and process improvements
  • Bespoke full or half-day project management workshops with exercises built around your business
  • On-site support for up to ten days over a six month period
  • Phone and email support over a six month period

Rates     Negotiable